It’s time to shake things up! 

Our aim is to create and ensure equal rights and opportunities in the music industry and get more females/non binaries visible on the global music scene. 


  • Women to feel empowered

  • Women to be better heard

  • Female artists, writers and producers having financial equality

  • To build a supportive and diverse network of female musicians 


To ensure the best possible teams for the songwriting sessions, we are looking for a diverse selection of like minded female/non binary songwriters, vocalists and producers who have experience in a wide variety of styles.


The BPMG FEMALE Songwriting Camp is an online collaborative platform for female/non binary artists who want to create songs for specific pitch/sync opportunities and create music with fellow songwriters.

During the Camp you will have the opportunity to write in sessions in different teams and work on new songs with musicians from all over the world. 


The sessions will take place on different dates during Spring 2022.

The exact schedule depending on the number of participants will be announced few weeks prior to the Camp.

Since we will have participants from different countries, we will come up with feasible timelines and sessions for everyone.


The sessions' focus is on a wide variety of styles and genres (Top40, indie, etc) with English lyrics mainly.


All communication on the Camp will be in English.

Please apply below and tell us more about yourself. Send us links to your music, social media, etc. 



To participate you'll need

  • a laptop/PC

  • possibility to record yourself in your DAW

  • internet access

  • ability to transmit video and sound